Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book my rentals?

Bookings are subject to product availability. Once you are firm on your date, reserve your rental items. This will secure the products that you have chosen for your special event.

What do you require to book an order?

To confirm an order we require your contact information (date of event, address, phone and email), valid credit card information and a non-refundable retainer. The retainer is equal to 50% of your order total and is applied towards your final balance. This payment can be made by Credit Card, Cash, Bank Payment or Email Transfer. Balances are due 60 days prior to the event date.

Are there any minimum quantities that I need to book?

We do not have a minimum quantity however we do have minimum requirements for bookings.  

Rental minimums: $500.00 plus HST

Fresh floral minimums: $2500.00 plus HST

Combination of Rental & Fresh minimum:  $2500.00 for fresh and zero minimum for rentals, plus HST.

We’ve had people RSVP us at the last minute so it changed my numbers, can I add to my order?

Yes, as long as the items are available. These items will be billed separately.

What is you Covid/pandemic policy?

We understand these are difficult times. If reason for cancelling are due to new Government

Regulations of Provincial Lockdowns on Weddings, Events, Venues and Public Gatherings, we will

work with the client on finding a new date and transfer their retainers and balances owing. This does not include any other cancellation due to the pandemic. Depending on new event date,  pricing may be subject to change due to rise in cost of fresh florals and delivery rates. 

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do offer delivery. When you request a delivery you will be given either a morning or an afternoon delivery window. Delivery rates will vary depending on delivery specifics. Fees will be stated in a quote.

How much is your delivery fee?

Delivery rates vary depending on delivery specifics. Location, quantities and dates all factor in on rates.

What do you do for late-night pickups?

All after hours pick up fare subject to additional fees. Please contact us for a quote.

I may need my items to be picked up at a specific time, how would that work?

We do our best to accommodate clients requests, however do to the amount of events and staff on hand we cannot promise a specific time. If this is an issue, we will work with you to find the best solution. 

Do I have to pick up my order myself or can I send someone else?

Either you or someone else can pick up your order. They will need to know what name it is booked under and sign on your behalf for responsibility of items and for transport.

Do I need to wash my linen rental before I return them?

We ask that you DO NOT wash any linens. We have them professionally cleaned to avoid any permanent staining on fabrics. We provide totes for all the linen as well as a few clear plastic bags for soiled linens. We ask that you put any damaged or soiled linens in the clear bags away from the others and place them on the top, inside the tote so we see them right away. 

If I spill wine on my tablecloth is there an extra cleaning charge?

Most food stains will not incur extra charges. There will be an extra cleaning charge for any wax, excessive grease, ink and/or hard to remove stains. We will charge a full replacement fee for any linen that has burn and/or staple holes, mildew, permanent stains, and any missing linen or linen totes. Please do not attempt to launder any linens on your own as this may cause any stains to become permanent.

What should I do if I receive my order and items are missing or damaged?

We do our best to ensure your order is complete. Upon pick up of rental items by the client, we go through the items and clients then signs that all items are in good condition before leaving the studio.  If items are being delivered to your event, someone must sign for the rentals that they have been delivered in good condition. If there is no one in the event space upon our arrival and you discover missing or damaged item(s) please contact us immediately with photo so that we can make a note on your account and make arrangements to replace the items. We cannot accept disputes after an event is over. 

What happens if I have missing or damaged items when I return my order?

If you have missing or damaged items upon return, you will be informed within 7 days after your event. If any missing items can be located after the event, we ask that you try to return them within 48 hours. You will be charged the full replacement cost for any items that cannot be located and all damaged / broken items. 

Can you set up my rentals and my other décor? 

Yes. We offer multiple options for set up. If you have rented tables and chairs from another vendor but need set up, we can do provide this service with our Full Event Design only. Chairs start at $1.25 per chair to set up. Tables are $4.50 per table to set up. Chair covers start at $2.00 per chair. Please contact us for a quote for full set up of linens, table settings and general décor items.

How long do I get my rentals for?

Depending on the rental it can be anywhere from a 24 hour period to a 4 days rental. This will stated on the contract how long the rental items are provided for. Should you need the items longer please contact us and ask about our multi-day/weekly/monthly rates.

What happens if I am late returning my rentals?

We will schedule you a return date and time. We ask that you respect the time as other clients may be returning on the same day.  Please phone us if you are running late. Late rentals will be charged a half-day rental rate for each day they are not returned.

Do you rent for out of town events?

Yes. Depending on the rental item, you may pick the items up yourself. Should you require delivery please contact us for a delivery rate.